The Long-Awaited Restructure

I am pleased to announce that the long-awaited Night's Watch Restructure, including new orders and military-style ranks has finally happened!

As such, my position of Lord Commander has been given to sssdl4, effective as of July 13th, 2013 (the one year anniversary of the Watch!)

With this in mind, all members of the Night's Watch will be required to re-register on the website, and re-join the Watch as recruits in order to renew their membership.

Using rangings and fast-tracking known active members, the new council (made of Lieutenant-ranked members and up) will bring new recruits into the watch to earn their rank of Private.

The new ranks are as follow:

  • Civilian - anyone registered on the website
  • Recruit - anyone that has declared they intend to join the Watch
  • Private - someone that has gone through the recruitment process, has been OK'ed by the council, and has officially taken the Oath of The Night's Watch
  • Corporal - members that are allowed to lead squads
  • Lieutenant - members of the council that are allowed to lead rangings
  • General - The First Steward and the First Ranger.
  • Lord Commander - sssdl4

As you will have noticed, the new orders are as follows:

  • Order of the Rangers
  • Order of the Stewards

While you may be asked which order you prefer to be in, the council will ultimately choose the order you are placed in.

As the 1st Lord Commander, I thank you all for your participation in the Night's Watch. I'm hoping to watch the new Watch live on for another year.