Posting Proposals

The council has recently passed a measure that allows YOU! YES YOU! (as long as you are rank Private or above) to write and pass proposals.

The council uses proposals sort of like laws. Proposals are how we change the rules of the Watch, but they can also be for things such as events, meetings, etc. The one restriction being placed on them is that members may not post proposals for elevations of rank.

Here is the law:

  • A proposal post is made on the Night's Watch subreddit, detailing the intricacies of the proposal, by a Night's Watch member of status Private or above (Council may do this as well, to encourage public discussion).
    • The proposal post is for discussion, and not for voting. The proposal MAY be changed during the discussion. The author of the proposal is required to have a detailed changelog of any changes made to the proposal.
    • The proposal may NOT propose a promotion or demotion of any member of the Watch, nor of any civilian.
  • There is a two week period for said proposal to gain a "sponsor" that is not the author of the proposal. For a proposal to enter the next round, a Night's Watch member of Corporal or above must officially declare that they are sponsoring the proposal. The author of the proposal then has 3 days in which to declare the final draft of the proposal, which is then delivered to the sponsor and posted in the proposal thread as a link to a pastebin or github gist.
  • After the delivery of the final draft, the proposal enters a formal voting round by the council. The final votes of this round must be made public. (Who voted and which way).

So feel free to start writing your proposals and putting them up on the reddit! Now you can help contribute to internal Night's Watch politics!