The 3rd Lord Commander, New First Ranger, New Corporals, and more rangings!

After a lot of deliberation and discussion, the council of The Night's Watch, in coordination with the 1st Lord Commander Navarr decided to promote the Interim Lord Commander and First Ranger krabbby to the position of Lord Commander, making him the 3rd to hold such a position.

krabbby has had his moments, as have we all, but he has served The Night's Watch faithfully, pushed me to do more for the Watch with constant nagging and reminders (that I am very thankful for), and overall has the best idea of where The Night's Watch should continue to go. I believe that with krabbby as the Lord Commander of The Night's Watch, the organization will continue moving in the proper direction to gain members, activity, and achieve it's goal. I also fully believe krabbby to be the best suited person to lead The Night's Watch into MineZ 2.

It is with those thoughts that I recommended the council promote krabbby to the position of Lord Commander, as it has done so. The specifics of that vote may be found in it's announcement thread on the subreddit.

Replacing Lord Commander krabbby as First Ranger will be (previously) Lieutenant falling_dutchmam. First Ranger falling_dutchmam is also a long standing member of The Night's Watch who has shown his loyalty to the watch, which is why I recommended he replace krabbby and why The Council elected him into the position unanimously.

Before his promotion, Lord Commander krabbby also pushed forward a resolution that was unanimously accepted to allow Corporals to lead rangings. We are hoping that with this resolution and the new responsibilities that Corporals are receiving with it that we will spur more activity within The Night's Watch, leading to an active Watch ready for MineZ 2. krabbby will be communicating with the Corporals shortly after this announcement to coordinate efforts and explain the full extend of those responsibilities.

Along with that new addition of responsibilities, we have promoted two new members to the Corporal ranks:

  • Corporal tee_n_tees, Steward and
  • Corporal ryter78, Ranger

These members of the Watch have shown valiant efforts in leadership, communication, activity, and maturity. We hope that they embrace the additional responsibilities given to them and help lead The Night's Watch into a new era of activity and prosperity.

With new activity comes a newer strictness, and with the inability to "punish" members for ill, but not desertion-level, behavior we've had to implement a system to deal with it. On that note, we are introducing Reprimands and Accolades. Reprimands will be awarded as punishment for ill-behaviour, not following orders (in a ranging for example), insubordination, or for other reasons. They will be a strike against your name in the eyes of the Watch. While they are permanent, they will not always count against you. The Resolution has laid out ways in which the Council can mark a reprimand as no longer valid. With punishment, however, comes reward. While we have an "honor" system to reward people for going above and beyond for The Night's Watch, we haven't really had a way to honor those that support the Watch without going quite that far. On that note, we are introducing Accolades. These do not cancel out reprimands, but instead mark what one has done for the Watch. The specific details for each of these items can be found in the resolution announcement on reddit.

I am honored to usher in this new era of The Night's Watch, and I hope all of you are excited to participate in it.