Announcing your new Lord Commander

At the time I post the following as a Night's Watch Website Announcement, the contents of this announcement will take effect, by means of me disassembling the council using my legitimate powers, passing the laws through the announcement, and then re-assembling the council as posted in the announcement.

Ladies and Gentleman of The Night's Watch,

It has been a particularly rough two years for The Watch. The Night's Watch of today is a shadow of it's former Glory - The largest and most well-known guild in all of MineZ.

It would be too easy to scapegoat this as caused by the downfall of MineZ 2 after we switched to it, or to blame the council, or the corporals, or anyone. The truth of the matter is that The Night's Watch has not been Lead.

Lord Commander sssdl4 was incredibly inactive as The Lord Commander, and his replacement - Lord Commander krabbby, despite having the best interests of the Watch in his heart, simply did not possess the necessary pairing of time and charisma required to lead the Watch in all of it's glory.

After a lot of deliberation with the council, I am pleased to announce The 2015 Restructure of The Night's Watch!

First and foremost is the most important announcement - The Night's Watch is returning to the world of MineZ Classic. MineZ 2 has stalled in it's development and is not giving us the things we need in order to play a fun game (dungeons, mostly). This is important, for reasons I'll address later, as The Night's Watch will be shifting and clarifying it's focus as part of this restructure. If you no longer wish to participate in The Night's Watch in MineZ Classic, you may leave without deserting with the approval of The Lord Commander by messaging him on reddit with your reasons. If pardoned of your duties, you will be kept as a non-member, non-deserter unless you are caught attacking men of the Watch.

Secondly, using the powers granted to me by the council, I will be dissolving the council in it's current state entirely - recreating it, and the Watch, with this new structure and rules.

Your new council:

  • Lord Commander Navarr
  • General krabbby
  • General FallingDutchman
  • Lieutenant ValyrianSteel (previously glcclc2)
  • Lieutenant lovelandmonkey
  • Lieutenant TheOminousWalker (previously Israphel)

Yes, that's right! Lord Commander Navarr is back and he's going to be running this shindig the way he intended!

You will notice from this list a complete absence of orders. That is intentional. While we maintained the orders set forth by our lore, we will be dissolving the orders entirely. Members of the Watch will be assigned their duties on a per-event basis based on the leader of the event or ranging (with assistance from Night's Watch Officers).

Third, Our code of honor will remain as it always has. We are the "good guys" of MineZ. We are here to protect the realm and the people within it. That said, we will shift our focus from being "lawful good" to "neutral good." As stated previously, our code of honor still stands - but with that said: Participation in Yolo Sunday and Suicide Saturday is encouraged - ideally with a team of men from The Night's Watch. When possible, we will have official events for participation in these community run events. These two events are composed of volunteers who have decided to duel - which means they are fair game for men of the watch! Just don't get any innocent civilians involved. Protect them, if you can and want to, but you do not have to. Just do not harm innocent civilians yourself! Our code is sacred.

As part of this clarification as focus, we will move from our primary focus being the "good guys" to our primary focus being Dungeon Conquerors. As Majicou's secret update is highly rumored to contain a major overhaul of Dungeons, we will have our work cut out for us. We will have to train, we will have to fight, and we will have to better ourselves and work hard at being the best Guild in MineZ. Our goal is to be known throughout the world of MineZ as the dungeon conquerors.

Fourth, in order to make it easier to onboard recruits into being full fledged members, their requirements have been made easier:

  • A recruit must have attended at least two rangings
  • A recruit must have demonstrated aptitude during their rangings
  • A recruit must have been a member of the Watch for at least two weeks

Two weeks are required in order to make sure that a recruit truly wants to be a member of our organization and community, it proves their worth and dedication. However, in addition to that they must demonstrate SKILL in their rangings. While this does not necessarily mean the ranging itself must be successful, it must show that the recruit has the skills necessary for joining the Watch and conquering dungeons. Any recruit that does not possess these skills should be trained by Night's Watch Officers until they meet these requirements. No desiring recruit will be left behind. If that means I, myself, have to spend weekends training with them, then so be it.

In addition to the requirements changes, we are changing the requirements to host a ranging, as well as clarifying what precisely a ranging is. First - definitions for clarification:

Official Event

An "Official Event" is an event run by Night's Watch Officers, involving performing official Night's Watch duties including recruiting, town security, dungeon conquering, and more. An Official Event may only be accompanied by recruits on rare occasions (more informal events, such as our anniversary parties). Ideally, the vast majority of these will be conquering dungeons. We will not want untrained recruits accompanying us during these attempts.


A "Ranging" is a training mission of some fashion. The purpose of a ranging is to make sure that a recruit knows what he is doing, and is trained to a level befitting a post in The Watch. Rangings may include Yolo Sunday and Suicide Saturday if the leader of the event can pay enough attention to assess the worth of a recruit. These events may also include dungeon scouting, where a member may show their know-how and ability to navigate a dungeon (with no expectation to beat the dungeon), and training sessions in areas densely populated with Zeds. Rangings may also be held in GG where the leader and the recruit practice various methods of PvP to assess knowledge, skill, and to teach such knowledge and skill. Rangings may not be an attempt on a dungeon.

As for hosting a Ranging - Any member Corporal+ may host a ranging at any given time. Any full member of The Night's Watch (Private level) may host a ranging with a quick sign-off from any Lieutenant+ officer of The Night's Watch. Officers of Lieutenant or above are almost always available in the chatroom, and General Krabbby is there most of the time. It should take little to no time at all to gain the approval of an Officer and hold a ranging.

Rangings held have strenuous requirements for the people holding them, however:

It is beneficial, and we request that when holding a ranging you record it. In order of preference: with Miners-Movies, or with video software. Miners-Movies will allow yourself, and the officers reviewing the ranging to assess the skill of the recruit fully.

After holding the ranging, in order for the recruits that participated to gain credit for it, you will be required to submit a report to The Night's Watch council. This may be done through reddit modmail to /r/TheNightsWatch or more easily through a work-in-progress system to place a report on an Event through the website. You should report on how the event went as a hole, as well as what skills you noticed the recruit had or lacked so that they may be improved in training sessions and rangings held after yours. Failure to create such reports in a timely manner will lead to demerits, in addition to the recruit unfortunately not obtaining the ranging as a credit towards their requirements.

Thank you all very much for reading. I look forward to the revitalization of the Watch to it's former glory, and I look forward to seeing you all in the dungeons.

Your's truly,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch