MineZ: Origins - Where we are, and where we are headed

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Hello Survivors!

Where we are

It has been a long time since I addressed you. I remember when I joined MineZ a couple years ago. I never imagined I would become part of this network, and have the wonderful opportunity to help create so much. Over these three years of building, I have participated in the construction of this beautiful world and the story that grew around it.

My predecessors Kensai111 and NicolaLeevey left me with the lore and the map, and I have tried my best to treat the lore carefully and with love. We have slowly whittled away at the rest of the lore, and you now have nearly all the pieces you need. You’re so close, but you still have questions, don’t you?

Where we are headed

As some of you have guessed, there is another update planned. Some of you may call this, the Endgame. I can confirm this rumor. This update is my most ambitious project lore wise and gameplay wise, utilizing as many features and components as I can, and I’d like you, the players to get involved. What would you like to see in this update? What did you enjoy from the prior updates? What dungeons did you enjoy? What puzzles did you like? Do you have any suggestions?

Ultimately, I have always built for the player. You are our inspiration to continuously push the limits on what is possible. We love to watch you attempt the puzzles and immerse yourself in this world. This is for you. With this update I will be completing the story of MineZ and the dungeons of MineZ.

Now, you may be asking yourself, when will this Endgame update be released? There are certain things that must happen before this update will be released. What are they?

Before the Update can be unleashed, five things have been foretold:

  1. The Seal holding Dentril must be tampered with.
  2. The Library of Axis Mundi, the ancient center of knowledge, must be rediscovered.
  3. Those long since put to rest will return in nothing but bone.
  4. An Event will shake the world, heralding the imminent uncovering of the location of The Origin.
  5. Information previously unknown will be revealed in a location of knowledge.

In Closing

Make sure to post your suggestions and thoughts, in an organized layout. Thank you for trusting me with the world that you hold dear and love. I have truly enjoyed working on it for these past three years. This will be my final update to this wonderful world, before I move onto other mysterious projects.

With Love,