Treaty of Mutual Cooperation

I am pleased to announce that The Night's Watch and the Dawn Brigade have come together and signed a Treaty of Mutual Cooperation.

Your first thought may be - "But Commander, we don't participate in the politics of the realm!". That's right, Private - we certainly don't - and we're not going to start now.

We have agreed to work together on events, exchange mutually beneficial knowledge, and other finer points.

Here are the full contents of that agreement:

Treaty of Mutual Cooperation

between Dawn Brigade and The Night’s Watch

PREAMBLE. The Objective of the Treaty being the operational benefit of the two equal Parties. Both Parties hereby obligate themselves to share useful in-game intelligence and refrain from harming or impeding one another in any way, in-game as well as in any and every other context.

ARTICLE I. LEADERSHIP. In each Party, the highest-ranking member present is, at that point in time, that Party’s leader. In the case of joint events between Parties, the leader of the leading Party is transitively the co-operational general commander.

ARTICLE II. MEMBERSHIP. Both Parties agree to disclose whatever information about its membership may be useful to the joint operation whenever convenient or necessary. Neither Party is obligated to disclose any specific information about membership.

ARTICLE III. ATTENDANCE. Both Parties agree to work together to coordinate their events in a manner such that, whenever possible, members from the other Party are able to attend. A liaison for each Party shall be appointed at a later date by mutual agreement of both Parties to better facilitate this endeavor.

ARTICLE IV. RATIFICATION. This Treaty will be ratified by Dawn Brigade and The Night’s Watch in accordance with their respective ratification processes and will come into force when instruments of ratification thereof have been exchanged and agreed upon on Shotbow forums.

ARTICLE V. EFFECTIVE: This Treaty will last from its ratification until either party sees fit to terminate it. Any activities before the duration specified that breach the terms and agreements of this treaty are inconsequential to both parties. This Treaty may be terminated by either party with a two (2) day notification.

Over the years, the men of the realm have increasingly turned to banditry in order to survive. We hope this treaty with the healing clan, Dawn Brigade, will help mark a move from banditry to helpfulness.

We are the light that brings the dawn