The Fifth Restructure

Night gathered, and our Watch began, yet through the years, The Watch has grown to be a shadow of itself. The Realm, our sacred charge, was still falling apart, and with it, our guild. No more were we standing strong in the face of adversity. No more did we light the darkness, or shield the realms of men. Night gathered, and we fell.

Until now.


In light of the recent events, or lack thereof, in the guild, and in light of the loss of many brilliant officers and members of The Night's Watch, it stirred the Council from our apathy. Clearly, the systems that held the guild together were failing to do so. We deliberated for some time, looking for ways to renovate the guild, streamline the systems, and work towards a better, more fun experience. We'd like to think we've succeeded at this, with The Fifth Restructure.

Restructure Details

The new system is largely built on maintaining more transparency, as well as giving members more initiative in how the guild is run. More changes include:

  • The Rules of the Watch have been streamlined, allowing for more leniency and interpretation. We still don't allow banditting, but we're more open to the idea that certain areas within the realm are inherently more dangerous.

  • Membership and Promotion progress has been made more simple, with fewer ranks and more straightforward requirements for each rank.

  • Voting will now take place at different levels than just the Council, depending on the proposal. Changes that affect more critical aspects of the guild may be brought down to lower levels of ranks, so that members will have more say in the way things are run.

For more information, please read the linked document, by clicking here. This information will also be distributed in the Discord, which will be undergoing a few changes to accommodate the Restructure.

Thank you for your time, and may these changes bring about a new and brighter future for not only the guild, but the Realm.