Trial Hearing: trumankitos13 and sssdl4

As many of you know, it is considered a great crime to act against your oath as a member of The Night's Watch.

I have recently been contacted with damning video evidence against two trusted members within our ranks: trumankitos13 and sssdl4. This video shows them ambushing the streamer "Vexx31."

As I'm sure you are all aware, I take an extreme stance against banditry within our ranks. As such, I have opened a trial hearing against these two members.

If anyone can provide additional evidence for or against their case, please do so by replying to the Trial Hearing thread against them in TheNightsWatchCouncil subreddit.

Additionally, the members stated above (trumankitos13 and sssdl4) are temporarily barred from acting as a member of The Night's Watch until the resolution of their trial.

I thank you kindly for your time and assistance in this matter,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch