The Walk - Meetup

Members of the watch,

It is to my pleasure that I announce our next large event.

Saturday, September 22nd, at 2:00pm EDT (click for time conversion) we will log into Romero on US Public 6. Immediately at 2:00pm (by the Lord Commander's Watch), we will march across the bridge connecting the continents. To partake in this event, you are expected to be in Romero at the provided time with the supplies you will need to survive (water, food, etc.) as we can not yet guarantee provisions.

This walk is intended to be a very short event with enough time to meet & greet all the new (and old) members of the Watch. As school has started again for many of us, there has not been a lot of time to play together - and coming to this event and meeting some new members is a good way to create some friendships for ranging together.

I also plan to take council nominations during this event at the half way point between the continents. We are currently seeking an active Maester to fill Jerred26's position, and will find out if we are seeking an active Ranger to fill Woobie's position. Not coming to the event may be detrimental to your election platform ;p

That said, I hope to see you all there and I hope we have a fun trip from Romero to Carmi. Elections will be held a week after the nominations (and will last for a week) - after which time we should finally be able to plan some bigger and better events!

So prepare yourselves! For we are the light that brings the dawn.

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch