Call to Arms

Fellow Zombie Survivors,

I am the First Ranger of the Night�s Watch and one of the two Head Council Member of The Night's Watch. I come to you today to ask for your help; for the sake of MineZ. There was a misunderstanding of the events at the city of Romero on the 18 of August. We apologize for this. Our intention was to only protect the city against the Zombie hoard, and to keep civilians out with the intention of lowering casualties, but as you saw, that is not what happened.

This time, however, we call for your help. We need you to fight alongside us, in order to protect this great land that we all share. Our friend, the Robot Wizard (kensai111), has alerted us to his recent findings. He has located 6 undead (zombies) that have inside them the trapped souls of the Elemental Lords of old. He fears that if these abominations are killed before he has the chance to cleanse them, hell will break loose on the world of MineZ. However, should we be able to cleanse their spirits first, we may yet be able to save this world.

The only problem is that the Robot Wizard believes that the moment he starts the ritual to cleanse their spirits, it will attract hordes of undead to the Elemental Lords presence while the Evil inside of them call out to be released before they can be destroyed. So we ask you, fellow survivors, to help us. Help us protect these Elemental Lords from the Evil that wishes to destroy our dear world. The Robot Wizard believe it should take him 3 full days to finish the ritual (3 in-game days, 1 hour real time). If we should succeed, we stop potentially devastating spread of Evil in our world (will make real world changes to the map). If we should fail, the Evil will spread further across the world and threaten to kill us all (dungeons will be more vicious).

If you wish to help us in this endeavor, or even if you wish you hinder us and cause all hell to break loose upon this world, join us on the Beta Server (, private access only) on Friday, October 12 at 8PM EDT. Those that help us against this horde of Undead will be forever remembered in the world of MineZ.

Angellus Mortis
First Ranger of The Night�s Watch

Signed and Approved,

Lord Commander of The Night�s Watch