Results of Saturday's Meeting

While Saturday's Meeting got off on a bad foot - an ambush by a couple (now) deserters that we quickly worked around to continue the meeting; followed by the website slowing to a crawl due to everyone coming out (I'll be working on fixing this), we managed to successfully discuss the key issues.

The first order of business were the new council representatives for the Ranger and Maester groups. They are responsible for representing their respective groups for any and all official Night's Watch matters. To clarify, this does NOT give them rank over normal members - except when appointed so in temporary situations by the Lord Commander, Head Ranger, or Grand Maester. Your new representatives are:

For the Rangers: For the Maesters:
  • trumankitos13, and
  • sssdl4

You have elected these men to serve you, and I hope they server you well.

Our second order of business was the vote on whether or not we will be participating in Kensai's event and protecting the realm.

The vote was met with a unanimous and resounding "Yes," which I'm sure you gathered by the previous announcement you received on the subject.

After that, and due to the large list of things that happened, the council met afterwards privately to deliberate on the security detail for the upcoming event. We will be protecting the Six Lords of Old in a three floor miniature castle. Only members of the Watch are allowed on the Second Floor, and only the seven council members are allowed on the Third floor. Any Night's Watch member that is not on the council and that attempts to reach the third floors will be killed on sight and marked for desertion, any civilian you can not verify as Night's Watch (i.e. nobody else knows them and they continue to proceed towards the third floors) should be killed on sight. While we are normally against doing such a thing, the protection of the realm is our utmost priority.

Additionally, you do not need to prepare weapons, armor, food, or other resources - as the event will be on the beta server and equipment will be supplied. You may, however, be able to prepare on the beta server - in which case go ahead and giant hunt. We'll need the best equipment we can get our hands on.

We are the shield that guards the realms of men.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch