The Definitive Announcement to Tonight's Event

Tonight is the event where we take on a massive hoarde of zombies and help save the world! Only premium (basic package+) members will be able to attend this event. Please read EVERYTHING in this email so that you know what to do.

First off, if you have not tried to use our mod - please do well before the event. If you are not using your mod, and you are not someone I communicate with a lot, you will not be recorded as having attended, and will not get the honors everyone else will - provided my event attendance system works.

Secondly, I highly advise everyone to arrive on the mumble channel before or precisely at 7:30pm US Eastern Time (6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific, 12:30am GMT). At 7:40pm Eastern, Everyone should connect to (the beta server) so that they can be teleported to the event grounds. This server maintains a separate inventory from the main servers, so you will not lose any of your normal items. Water, Food, Health, Weapons, and Armor will be provided (Stone Swords, Chain Armor - if you have the spare time, you should try to get some better weaponry on the beta server).

Third, There will be a gigantic castle that we will have to defend. Beds will be provided in it for us to set our spawn points. Normal Night's Watch members are not allowed anywhere near the third floor (only council members and GuardenGnome). Any Night's Watch member seen trying to reach the third floor will be killed on sight for security. Additionally, do not let any non-Night's Watch member have access to the castle. I highly recommend you use our mod so that you know who is and who is not Night's Watch (and I pray the cape mod holds up under all this stress).

Tonight is our night to shine. Tonight is the night we show the realm our power. Tonight is the night we help save the realm against the Zombies!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch