World Event Take Two, Leaders, and Organization - Sat. the 27th!

EDIT: The Event is SATURDAY OCTOBER 27th!!!

Well everyone, It's been a week since the World Event and we're a week away from the Redux, so it's about time I made an announcement regarding everything.

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Angellus_Mortis left the MineZ community due to the original actions of the admins in regards to the way the world event was handled. Despite that mess, the admins are allowing us to try again. If we should succeed, they will rebuild our Headquarters even better than it was before.

Before I get into the specifics of the event, I'd like to address the desertion of a few trusted Night's Watch members. FriendsOfYours, trumankitos13, CowsofSteam, and zypher106 have left The Night's Watch as they no longer believe in it's ideals. Though I have not personally witnessed it, I have heard several reports of them slaughtering entire cities since their desertion. Since it is a particularly heinous crime, both to leave the watch in such a way and to commit such acts, I am issuing a warrant for their deaths. Members that present proof of issuing justice to these hardened criminals will receive, at the least, a special emblem of recognition on their cape. (Maybe not immediately, as I will have to design it and program it into the system, but you will receive it).

At this current moment in time, the council is as follows:

  • Navarr - Lord Commander
    • ChaosDood - First Ranger
      • krabbby - Ranger Representative
      • lovelandmonkey - Ranger Representative
    • sssdl4 - Grand Maester

Due to council decisions that will take effect after the world event, we will not be holding another election for Maesters. I'll address that after the event - as we need a clear and focused mind so that we can save the realm and the Watch.

All Night's Watch members (with a premium account) should assemble at or (they are, in fact, the same server) at 15:00 (3:00pm) US Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-0400, GMT-0500). This is 19:00 (7:00pm) United Kingdom time. This is important as we will be organizing the members of the watch in preparation for the event. Please block off THREE HOURS from the time provided here. It is very important that we run our drill and prepare to the best of our abilities. While the main cause of our failure with the last event was AntiCheat's malfunction, greater organization has been requested and will be had. During this timeframe, the website's chatroom will be COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE. The website will need to be running at it's best capacity for the cape mod, and I will not be taking a risk with the chat system. To that regard, even if you do not have a mic, I expect you to be able to connect to our mumble chatroom and to, at the very least, listen to the instructions given. Speaking uselessly over mumble will earn you a MUTE. The mumble chatroom will be reserved specifically for important instructions &c.

From what I understand, and this is subject to change, Rangers will be granted Iron Armor (and possibly an iron sword?), where as Maesters will be granted Gold Armor and all the materials necessary for healing - including harming potions for healing the Old Lords. A task that will be reserved for the Grand Maester, sssdl4, and anyone he specifically chooses to give his trust to.

I greatly encourage ALL players to use LMS in their spare time over the next week in order to practice and improve their PvP skills. You will need them for this event.

We will not allow bandits to dictate the rules of the land!

We are the sword in the darkness. WE are the watchers on the walls. We are THE FIRE that burns against the cold. The LIGHT that brings the dawn. THE SHIELD THAT GUARDS THE REALMS OF MEN. We've pledged our life, and our honor to the Night's Watch - for this night and ALL Night's to come! So get out there, and prepare yourselves -

for the realm! FOR THE WATCH!

Navarr T. Barnier Lord Commander of The Night's Watch