Reminder: World Event Redux in less than 14 hours!

Let's cover the basics first, shall we?

Do I need premium membership?
Yes. You must have at least a basic membership.
When is the event?
Night's Watch members should gather at 3:00pm Eastern. The event itself will start at 5:00pm, but we need to be organized before then. Two hours is plenty of time to chill and prepare and work out any kinks in our systems before we fight at full force. You can also utilize this handy countdown.
What server is the event on?
The event will be held on (the beta server). You do not need platinum, but you do need at least basic in order to participate.
What should I do once I join?
You should spawn in the world and tune your eye to channel two, and type "Navarr, I need a TP." I will either respond that we aren't TPing yet, that you are too new, or I will teleport you when I can. Only people that have been playing for a decent amount of time will be granted a teleport to our special starting room.
Do I need to bring anything?
Nope! You don't need to bring anything. Since this server has a different inventory from the normal servers, you'll be provided with all the loot you can handle.
Who do I have to thank for this awesome event?
Thanks Saunders the Builder for putting so much time and effort into making the Redux popular, and thank Kensai for the original idea and all the hard work he put into it, despite the anti-cheat glitching.
Will the website chatroom be operational?
No. I will have chat turned off for the three hours during the event. I encourage everyone to speak in-game and using mumble. I also encourage you to keep non-strategic talk to an absolute minimum. Don't troll. Be mature. We're fighting to make a difference here.

I hope to see you all there.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch