Next Saturday: We take on Frostbain

Dear members of the Watch,

After the first world event failed - I made a vow to the members of the Watch. No matter what the admins decided, we the Watch would take on and clear each and every dungeon. That we would prove to the gods and to the realm that we truly mean to protect it.

With the release of the Frostbain Catacombs, it would seem that our time has come to act upon these words.

In order to help us tackle this, please make your way to Frostbain by next Saturday in at least Chainmail (preferably Iron), with sufficient supplies to keep you alive through the catacombs. Do not rely on others at the event for your supplies - everyone should be well stocked.

At 4pm US Eastern time, I will announce the server we will connect to over Mumble - so please be in the chatroom thirty minutes before the event starts. I've already prepared a countdown to the event's start.

We may not succeed - but we've done well against extraordinary odds in the past.

I hope to see you there ;)

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

P.S: Don't forget to install the mod update!