Where We're Going, We Don't Need Armour

Have you finished stuffing your face with Turkey y.. okay. I'll wait. You can finish that bite. Good? No? Oh come on dude.. just.. okay listen, stop. Stop eating turkey for just one second. You'll have plenty of time for those leftovers.

Are we good now? Okay. How about we relax. Say, somewhere away from this Zombie infestation. Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, right? Right? Good. I knew you'd see my side of things.

The event will take place tomorrow at 3:00pm EST. Be around the remains of our HQ (next to the Romero church) at that time sharp. Feel free to come with little to no gear at all. (But bring plenty of food! You're gonna need it!)

For we are, the horn that wakes the sleepers.... of Gnome Island!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch