Call to Pickaxes! Time to take a settlement! [Basic+ Members]

Members of the Watch,

While I was out celebrating a friend's graduation and having a good drink of Highlife, settlements were released.

They have been released not on ALL but on a select amount of private servers.

For beta testing purposes, the Night's Watch has chosen to use the settlement on us2. If you are a premium (Basic+) member, please hop onto US2 (US2 has its own database instance, so your items and location will not sync back and forth on it), head to where the Quarry used to be (-2440,-2550), join the settlement by right clicking the sign in the town hall, and then type the command /se vote for Navarr.

Once we've completed these steps, we are nearly guaranteed to have our own settlement.

I hope to see you all there in the next few days. Settlement buildings are MUCH more expensive than anyone thought they would be - and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

P.S. If you want to devote your life in the Watch to working on settlements, we've unlocked the ability to chose Builder as your profession!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch