General Things to be Aware of (& Event!)

Hello, all. Activity in the Watch has been slowing down (while our numbers have certainly risen! 675!!) And I'm writing you today about my own current/future inactivity.

As many of you already know, I am a student at Bowling Green State University with a major in Computer Science and with a heavy emphasis in Japanese culture and language. Of that note, I am taking a couple of classes this semester that have very heavy homework schedules. As such, I may not be as active as I have been in times past - much less in game.

As such, I will try to roll out some additional features to the Officers of the Watch (such as sending announcements, creating events, etc.). I fully trust my loyal officer-core to uphold the spirit and tradition of the Watch (they know my rhetoric about what we do and what we do not do and the reasons thereof.)

No, as people loathing the watch may point out, this is not the end of the Watch - and I will not be stepping down as Lord Commander. At the end of the day my email, and my reddit inbox will still be read - so if you have any concerns about the Watch, about the officers, about anything at all - feel free to send me a message.

Additionally, I expect the Watch (and have always expected the Watch) to self-regulate their adherence to the Oath you've all taken. If anyone is in true breach of their oath, I urge you to file a FULL report using our KOS system (including screenshots, please!). It will place them in the bottommost tier, and I will get an email every hour until I have resolved the issue. It is very important that we retain our integrity as the Watch.

To encourage activity, I have re-enabled the use of the Live Map for all members of the Watch. Viewing it at any point in time should show you any other Watchman playing MineZ (albeit, I'm not sure how well it currently fares with the lobby system that has been put in place). I urge you to idle in the chatroom and communicate and team up with other players to help the world or take on giants. If you believe, however, that the live map is being used to track you. Report to me either via email or reddit mail immediately, with any evidence you have - and I will revert the map to only showing members to the officers.

Thank you for your time and patience. I will try to do a whole lot more this summer to make up for it :)

OH, and one more thing! This coming Tuesday is the 6th month of the existence of The Night's Watch! I heartily welcome you to come join us for a Birthday Celebration this coming Saturday in the Recruitment HQ (Romero) at 4pm US-Eastern (11pm GMT). The server will be announced at the time of the event. Try to equip yourself beforehand if you plan to be there, you know, just in case.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch