Taking on Frostbain, Again!

Once again, the Nights Watch is preparing to take on the Frostbain Dungeon. This time, a little differently, and hopefully more successfully. Our previous attempt failed, largely in part due to disorganization, and failure to communicate. To prevent another failure, there will loose requirements to take part in this event.

  1. Navarr, sssdl4, myself, and the rest of the council are in charge during events. This means if one of us gives the order to regroup, we regroup and wait until you receive the order to move forward. We don't want to sound harsh, but we have to remain organized if we want to survive.
  2. In order to listen to, and communicate with other members, you must be in the mumble if at all possible (you do not need a mic to listen). This is to prevent a breakdown in communication, and limit people moving too far ahead of the group. If mumble is not a possibility for you, then we can try to work something out if you show up early and personally contact one of us. We will do our best to make it work.
  3. Please for the love of god, do not show up with leather. You will die in minutes, and your zombie will cause frustration. Please, please, please get some chain.

The event will occur on Saturday, the 19th, 5:00 PM EST. As usual, server will be announced before on the Mumble.

Come ready to succeed.

First Ranger of The Night's Watch

Signed and approved,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch