The New Map & What it means for The Watch

Before reading the rest of the post, it is imperative you read HighlifeTTU's Post, State of the ShotBow - Settlements and the New Map, as the contents of this post will sound really strange if you don't.

I have been very honored to lead The Night's Watch for the past seven months. In fact, if I'm not mistaken - today, February 17th, 2013 - marks the seventh month of existence for The Night's Watch.

We have done some bad... but we have done a lot of good. We became THE secondary community of MineZ. We have been such an important guild that many high profile members that are today bandits joined either at the start, or at some point during in an attempt to infiltrate our ranks.

Throughout the start, The Night's Watch has been about camaraderie. A single purpose according to storyline: "Rid the world of the Scourge" and a dual purpose in actuality: Friends, Community, Brotherhood.

The fact that I have maintained support of our body over seven months, in both the organization I started, and my continuous leadership - is overwhelmingly amazing - and I thank you all very much for it.

With that said - the new map that Shotbow Networks is planning to release, as detailed by Highlife's post, will not change our mission. We will continue to do what we can to rid the world of the Undead (in storyline - maybe not entirely in actuality cause, you know, we need a game to play). However, our user base will be forced to change.

Upon release of the new map to all premium players, The Night's Watch restructure will take form. Both the member list and the KOS system will be cleared. As with the new map, all active players of The Night's Watch will have to be premium Shotbow members, as the main goal of the Watch will transition to the new MineZ. In the eyes of The Night's Watch, MineZ Classic will be similar in nature to LMS. Night's Watch members will be more likely to be friends to you, but the Rules of Engagement will not be enforced.

Through the restructure, the Night's Watch will take a more military like structure. There will be a more definitive chain of command (though I expect even those in command to be friendly to the other ranks), and the website will of course maintain the same feeling of camaraderie that you've come to expect from being in The Night's Watch.

The Watch will remain a politically neutral entity - always fighting for the realm and the people it contain, no matter their quarrels.

The Watch will be born a new - and I hope to see you fighting alongside your brethren when that happens.

Until the New Map comes, the Night's Watch will continue on as it has since day one - fighting the scourge in the current version of MineZ. So fight! Fight for the realm! The undead MUST be stopped!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch