Underground Dungeon Discovered (Upcoming Event!)

Night's Watch rangers have recently reported back the existence of a hidden, underground lair. Previously used by the Thieves Guild before they moved to Grimdale.

We have deemed this area the "Lost Thieves Guild," as it is built underground the "Lost Castle." There are many puzzles hidden deep inside. We believe that there is a high potential for powerful items to assist us in our fight against the undead.

To that front, we are requesting information on all Night's Watch members availability. We hope to form several squadrons and rendezvous at the previously mentioned location. To best accomplish that goal, it is imperative that you fill out this form, providing us with the times you are available.

We hope to conquer this would-be dungeon and claim the treasures that lie beneath it.

For we are the sword in the darkness.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch