July 6th Event: Time and Place

Important: If attending, Please read entire announcement.

Hopefully you read the previous announcement.

In lieu of your responses, we plan to hold the event this July 6th between the hours of 2-4 pm (US Eastern Standard Time). We will start at 2pm, though it will probably not take two hours worth of time.

We will meet in front of the Grimdale Tree on a server to be announced in the mumble channel at 1:50pm EST. Please re-add the new access token, viewable on the Voice Chat page, as we have changed it. We expect all members participating to be LISTENING in Mumble Chat. A Microphone is not required. For best results, we recommend you join the mumble channel thirty minutes before event start (1:30pm EST).

Do NOT Rush ahead of the group, as you will probably get us all killed. Wait for orders from the Lord Commander (Navarr), the First Ranger (krabbby), or the Grand Maester (sssdl4).

Finally, please fill out this single question form if you are attending (and ONLY if you are attending).

We hope to hold an additional event on the 13th.

I hope to see you all as we take on The Lost Thieves Guild.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch