Rules of Engagement

We, the Night's Watch, self-declared protectors of the realm - have seen chaos ensue the land, with public servers increasingly growing towards brave survivors killing each other on sight. We seek an end to this growing ruthless hostility, and have thus compiled a list of aggressive actions. Taking any of the listed actions below will warrant the immediate and merciless destruction of your life.

Abiding by these rules does not mean that you must enforce them. If a person you deeply trust does any of the below, adhering to these rules in no way means that you need attack them. These rules are simply guidelines in order to best establish when it is okay to stop being friendly and attack in order to save your own life.

As stated above, taking any of the below actions will be counted as aggression:

Taking any of these actions will be viewed as aggression and your life may be forfeit.

Signed and Decreed,

Navarr, First Lord Commander and Founder of The Night's Watch

Rules of the Watch

  1. You may not kill any player unprovoked. Read the rules of engagement (which you are bound to) to understand what we consider "provocation"
  2. You may not steal from players - If you commit to a trade you must follow through with it.
  3. You may not share information on our website with non-Night's Watch players - For announcements, only link them. If they can't see them, then they're not supposed to.
  4. You may not be in a MineZ guild or clan other than The Night's Watch.
  5. You may not post inappropriate (NSFW/NSFL) content in the chatrooms or mumble.
  6. You may not leave the watch without a request to do so signed by the Lord Commander
  7. Anything perceived to be communication, association, or any form of cooperation between a deserter and a member of the Watch is grounds for removal from the Watch. This includes, but is not limited to being in the same Mumble room, being seen together in-game, or discussions both in and out of Shotbow servers.

Doing any of the above may warrant your immediate placement as a deserter. Particularly heinous offenses may lead to members of the Watch hunting you down. The Watch is supposed to be a great big happy family. And you know what they say - You do not anger the family.