Account Verification Now Required

Dear members of the watch,

Due to a recent string of impersonations, we have implemented a Minecraft Account verification process on the website. It is of the utmost importance that you take the time to verify your account.

In the next few days we will be hiding users from the Member list with unverified accounts, as well disabling those user's capes. To continue being considered an active member of the Night's Watch, please verify your account immediately. This is as simple as logging in on the website, and then visiting a restricted page, such as the chatroom.

Once your account has been verified, a small "Verified Member" banner will appear on your profile. An example can be viewed on my own profile page.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Reviving the Lady

Members of the Watch,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce our next event: Tackling the Cave of the Dying Lady

Our last event, the Romero Takeover was a strong internal success - more members of the watch than ever before came out and joined the festivities. Despite a few incidents, the watch is as strong as ever and is definitely ready to tackle this next task head on.

On September 1st, at 2:00 PM EDT (11:00 AM PDT) we will meet up in Grimdale and head off to slay the TWO GIANTS that are rumored to guard the cave.

Due to a lack of supplies across the realm, we will be heading towards the cave in separate groups across servers before we all log into the same public server. Although we will be gathering supplies as we head from Grimdale to the Cave, it is strongly suggested that you manage to secure decent armor, food, and water supplies before the meetup - as anyone that dies along the way will unfortunately be left behind due to time constraints.

If you plan to attend the event, please RSVP on reddit.

The council will be appointing temporary squad leaders over the next couple days. If you can make the event and would like to lead a squadron, please volunteer on reddit. Selected leaders will be emailed the route on the Wednesday before the event, and will be expected to lead their entire group without deaths to the Cave of the Dying Lady.

In addition, all members are suggested to be in the chatroom on the website an hour before the event, and are heavily suggested to have teamspeak running even if it's just to listen. Do NOT post in the Teamspeak Chatroom - as your messages there will go unseen.

Prepare yourselves.

For we are the fire that burns against the cold.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

P.S. My apologies about the first blank email. There was a bug in our system. It's fixed now.

Romero Takeover

Members of the Watch,

Each day our forces grow, and yet we are still regarded as unknown or a simple role-playing group.

It is time to put that theory to the test.

On August 18th, at 2:00 pm EDT (11:00 am PDT), we will overtake the coastal town of Romero. By force if neccessary.

This is our call to arms. Gather in the chatroom and teamspeak an hour before we start so that we may self organize.

At that time, we will select a lower populated public server for the event to take place, in order to ensure that most of our members will be able to join us. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a member package.

It is my goal to hold Romero for a minimum of one hour. Prepare yourselves.

For we are the Watchers on the Wall.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch