Taking on Frostbain, Again!

Once again, the Nights Watch is preparing to take on the Frostbain Dungeon. This time, a little differently, and hopefully more successfully. Our previous attempt failed, largely in part due to disorganization, and failure to communicate. To prevent another failure, there will loose requirements to take part in this event.

  1. Navarr, sssdl4, myself, and the rest of the council are in charge during events. This means if one of us gives the order to regroup, we regroup and wait until you receive the order to move forward. We don't want to sound harsh, but we have to remain organized if we want to survive.
  2. In order to listen to, and communicate with other members, you must be in the mumble if at all possible (you do not need a mic to listen). This is to prevent a breakdown in communication, and limit people moving too far ahead of the group. If mumble is not a possibility for you, then we can try to work something out if you show up early and personally contact one of us. We will do our best to make it work.
  3. Please for the love of god, do not show up with leather. You will die in minutes, and your zombie will cause frustration. Please, please, please get some chain.

The event will occur on Saturday, the 19th, 5:00 PM EST. As usual, server will be announced before on the Mumble.

Come ready to succeed.

First Ranger of The Night's Watch

Signed and approved,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Reminder: Party Today (Previous Announced Time was Incorrect)

As a reminder, the Night's Watch will be celebrating six months of operation today in Romero (at HQ) on a server to be announced in the minutes before the event.

The previously listed GMT time was incorrect. The event will take place at 4pm US Eastern Time and 9pm Greenwich Mean Time.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

I hope to see you all there!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

General Things to be Aware of (& Event!)

Hello, all. Activity in the Watch has been slowing down (while our numbers have certainly risen! 675!!) And I'm writing you today about my own current/future inactivity.

As many of you already know, I am a student at Bowling Green State University with a major in Computer Science and with a heavy emphasis in Japanese culture and language. Of that note, I am taking a couple of classes this semester that have very heavy homework schedules. As such, I may not be as active as I have been in times past - much less in game.

As such, I will try to roll out some additional features to the Officers of the Watch (such as sending announcements, creating events, etc.). I fully trust my loyal officer-core to uphold the spirit and tradition of the Watch (they know my rhetoric about what we do and what we do not do and the reasons thereof.)

No, as people loathing the watch may point out, this is not the end of the Watch - and I will not be stepping down as Lord Commander. At the end of the day my email, and my reddit inbox will still be read - so if you have any concerns about the Watch, about the officers, about anything at all - feel free to send me a message.

Additionally, I expect the Watch (and have always expected the Watch) to self-regulate their adherence to the Oath you've all taken. If anyone is in true breach of their oath, I urge you to file a FULL report using our KOS system (including screenshots, please!). It will place them in the bottommost tier, and I will get an email every hour until I have resolved the issue. It is very important that we retain our integrity as the Watch.

To encourage activity, I have re-enabled the use of the Live Map for all members of the Watch. Viewing it at any point in time should show you any other Watchman playing MineZ (albeit, I'm not sure how well it currently fares with the lobby system that has been put in place). I urge you to idle in the chatroom and communicate and team up with other players to help the world or take on giants. If you believe, however, that the live map is being used to track you. Report to me either via email or reddit mail immediately, with any evidence you have - and I will revert the map to only showing members to the officers.

Thank you for your time and patience. I will try to do a whole lot more this summer to make up for it :)

OH, and one more thing! This coming Tuesday is the 6th month of the existence of The Night's Watch! I heartily welcome you to come join us for a Birthday Celebration this coming Saturday in the Recruitment HQ (Romero) at 4pm US-Eastern (11pm GMT). The server will be announced at the time of the event. Try to equip yourself beforehand if you plan to be there, you know, just in case.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Settlement Event (for Premium Players)

My apologies for the very small warning. It was deemed necessary so that there would be limited, if any, time for espionage to act on this announcement.

Today, December 30th at 6:00pm EST (GMT-0500) we will participate in a Settlement Meetup hosted by krabbby.

Quoted below is his post on reddit:

Once again, I am calling together an event/meet up to keep things interesting in the Nights Watch. And what better way to do that than by furthering our settlement? This Sunday, the 30th at 6:00 PM EST, lets all meet up at the settlement prepared to get stuff done. We will organize, split off into groups, and attempt to get as much building done as possible. Every rank should come ready to do what they were meant to do; meaning Rangers should be well armed, Maesters should have plenty of potions, and Builders should come with as much free space as possible. Convoys will depart from the settlement with members of all 3 groups, heading to locations such as the Quarry and Logging Camp.

Hopefully this event will let people know who the builders are, further our settlement, and prepare us for the public release, where these runs will be much more common.

I hope to see you all there.

If you wish to participate in this event, please be on Mumble and in the eu1.minez.net settlement by 6:00pm. The settlement's location is -2440,-2550 and it can easily be located on minezmap.com.

I hope to see you all there,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Update to 1.4.6

Along with MineZ, The Night's Watch Mod has been updated for Minecraft 1.4.6

It is highly recommended that you install our mod, so that you can identify other members of the Watch in game, and so that your location is reported to the live map and your attendance is tracked for events.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Call to Pickaxes! Time to take a settlement! [Basic+ Members]

Members of the Watch,

While I was out celebrating a friend's graduation and having a good drink of Highlife, settlements were released.

They have been released not on ALL but on a select amount of private servers.

For beta testing purposes, the Night's Watch has chosen to use the settlement on us2. If you are a premium (Basic+) member, please hop onto US2 (US2 has its own database instance, so your items and location will not sync back and forth on it), head to where the Quarry used to be (-2440,-2550), join the settlement by right clicking the sign in the town hall, and then type the command /se vote for Navarr.

Once we've completed these steps, we are nearly guaranteed to have our own settlement.

I hope to see you all there in the next few days. Settlement buildings are MUCH more expensive than anyone thought they would be - and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

P.S. If you want to devote your life in the Watch to working on settlements, we've unlocked the ability to chose Builder as your profession!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Armour

Have you finished stuffing your face with Turkey y.. okay. I'll wait. You can finish that bite. Good? No? Oh come on dude.. just.. okay listen, stop. Stop eating turkey for just one second. You'll have plenty of time for those leftovers.

Are we good now? Okay. How about we relax. Say, somewhere away from this Zombie infestation. Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, right? Right? Good. I knew you'd see my side of things.

The event will take place tomorrow at 3:00pm EST. Be around the remains of our HQ (next to the Romero church) at that time sharp. Feel free to come with little to no gear at all. (But bring plenty of food! You're gonna need it!)

For we are, the horn that wakes the sleepers.... of Gnome Island!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

The Night's Watch, Politics, and You

Unknown to most, last Tuesday was the fourth month of existence for The Night's Watch - and it's been a long drive.

The original Night's Watch post has 368 comments on it - which should mean about 100+ people joined when it was first introduced. In four months time, we've grown to more than 500 members. That represents at least 100 new members a month - and that's not counting people who have left or deserted.

The MineZ community seems to finally be solidifying. With this large group of people we've essentially confirmed our place in it. While we welcome both constantly active and on-and-off players, it's important to be active from time to time either through the chatroom or in-game (with our mod please!), so that we can get an accurate count of how many people still believe in the message of The Night's Watch - this game doesn't have to be about killing (though that surely takes place). As a group, we can make this world habitable again. We can take on and destroy the undead.

Our last event had a very mild turnout, and the eagerness of the few that did arrive was enough that we were not able to well compose ourselves and take on the task at hand logically. This needs to be improved in the future. This will definitely be improved once we re-organize into a more militaristic fashion, but that's a bit far in the future, due to some other things I need to solidify before I complete it (by future I mean December/January).

However, that is not the main point of this announcement. This announcement is here to solidify our stance on politics.

Recently, the Unknown Trading Co. declared their friendship to the Watch. As they have done so, we have offered and willingly give them protection for official matters - and will continue to do so for as long as they stay a neutral entity in MineZ. Unknown Trading Co. knows our stance on neutrality, and that we will not continue to protect them should they begin to provoke the other powers in the realm, where as we are more than willing to protect them from the unknown scourge and the everyday bandit that attempts to steal their merchandise. If you are ever guarding Unknown Trading Co. when a bandit group attempts to attack - you are to attempt diplomatic negotiation if possible. If they do not immediately attack and offer the chance for talk, inform them that this is a neutral convoy and that attacking it is seen as an attack on The Night's Watch. If they attack - you are free to attack back. Make sure to immediately post a report of the situation upon success/death either to me via email or to the subreddit. It is of the utmost importance that we are kept aware of what is happening to The Night's Watch in regards to Unknown Trading Co.

Due to our neutrality, and Unknown Trading Co's supposed neutrality, we do not view this as involving ourselves in politics. We are simply friends, and that friendship may disband at any time. As certain members of Unknown Trading Co may be involved in banditry, please use utmost caution while around them. If any of their members attack, inform me in the way described above.

In addition to Unknown Trading Co, it was recently requested that we ally with a bandit hunting clan - and this is where I solidify our stance. We do not officially ally with any group. We may welcome other groups without hostility, so long as they are not committing crimes against us or while with us, but we can not ally. Allying means that we would protect them against other groups in the event of War/rivalry, etc - and that is what I consider participating in politics.

Please act responsibly as a member of The Night's Watch - we will always remain a neutral entity in this world. Our main goal is to serve the people, no matter who they are, from the undead.

For we are the shield that guards the realms of men.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

PvP Lessons/Practice

The Night's Watch is openly mocked for what many believe to be a lack of PvP skills.

You know what that means? That everyone could do with a little bit more PvP practice! f00f00guy is organizing lessons/practices, so be sure to head on over to his thread on reddit and get some practice in. It's important that The Night's Watch be able and ready to handle any PvP in a moment's notice!

For we are the sword in the darkness.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Next Saturday: We take on Frostbain

Dear members of the Watch,

After the first world event failed - I made a vow to the members of the Watch. No matter what the admins decided, we the Watch would take on and clear each and every dungeon. That we would prove to the gods and to the realm that we truly mean to protect it.

With the release of the Frostbain Catacombs, it would seem that our time has come to act upon these words.

In order to help us tackle this, please make your way to Frostbain by next Saturday in at least Chainmail (preferably Iron), with sufficient supplies to keep you alive through the catacombs. Do not rely on others at the event for your supplies - everyone should be well stocked.

At 4pm US Eastern time, I will announce the server we will connect to over Mumble - so please be in the chatroom thirty minutes before the event starts. I've already prepared a countdown to the event's start.

We may not succeed - but we've done well against extraordinary odds in the past.

I hope to see you there ;)

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

P.S: Don't forget to install the mod update!

World Event Reward & Updated Mod for 1.4.2

Hey everyone,

From saunder's official announcement post regarding the event, it looks like our reward for managing to secure 3/6 of the Lords of Old is that we will get our base recreated as it was previously.

Additionally, I've come to announce that I've updated our cape/live map mod for 1.4.2. You can find it's link and very shallow installation instructions on our mods page.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

World Event Redux Results..

The Night's Watch.... won! CONGRATULATIONS! For the 26 people that either had our mod installed or contacted me about it, you have been given an honor for your participation in the event! By our count, three of the six lords died - however, we're still waiting for an official word on the matter (we could be wrong!)

If you attended the event, and have some proof (me warping you would be proof) please reply to this email with your in-game-name and I'll give you an honor.

Thank you for everyone that came out early and organized. We really spent all two hours getting everyone in their positions for the event.

Again, thank you all for your loyal service to the Watch. The realm is better off because of it.

We are the shield that guards the realms of men - and we've shown that here tonight.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Reminder: World Event Redux in less than 14 hours!

Let's cover the basics first, shall we?

Do I need premium membership?
Yes. You must have at least a basic membership.
When is the event?
Night's Watch members should gather at 3:00pm Eastern. The event itself will start at 5:00pm, but we need to be organized before then. Two hours is plenty of time to chill and prepare and work out any kinks in our systems before we fight at full force. You can also utilize this handy countdown.
What server is the event on?
The event will be held on smp.minez.net (the beta server). You do not need platinum, but you do need at least basic in order to participate.
What should I do once I join?
You should spawn in the world and tune your eye to channel two, and type "Navarr, I need a TP." I will either respond that we aren't TPing yet, that you are too new, or I will teleport you when I can. Only people that have been playing for a decent amount of time will be granted a teleport to our special starting room.
Do I need to bring anything?
Nope! You don't need to bring anything. Since this server has a different inventory from the normal servers, you'll be provided with all the loot you can handle.
Who do I have to thank for this awesome event?
Thanks Saunders the Builder for putting so much time and effort into making the Redux popular, and thank Kensai for the original idea and all the hard work he put into it, despite the anti-cheat glitching.
Will the website chatroom be operational?
No. I will have chat turned off for the three hours during the event. I encourage everyone to speak in-game and using mumble. I also encourage you to keep non-strategic talk to an absolute minimum. Don't troll. Be mature. We're fighting to make a difference here.

I hope to see you all there.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

World Event Remind - This Saturday the 27th!

As a reminder, the World Event Redux is This Saturday, October 27th.

You are expected to be in Minecraft on smp.minez.net and on Mumble (instructions on our Voice Chat page) at 3:00pm Eastern (8:00pm GMT).

If you have not yet done so, please read the last announcement in full.

Furthermore, there has been a small change to our leadership:

  • Lord Commander Navarr
    • First Ranger krabbby
      • Ranger Rep. lovelandmonkey
      • Ranger Rep. CGM24
    • Grand Maester sssdl4
      • Maester Rep. FzSoap

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch