World Event Take Two, Leaders, and Organization

Well everyone, It's been a week since the World Event and we're a week away from the Redux, so it's about time I made an announcement regarding everything.

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Angellus_Mortis left the MineZ community due to the original actions of the admins in regards to the way the world event was handled. Despite that mess, the admins are allowing us to try again. If we should succeed, they will rebuild our Headquarters even better than it was before.

Before I get into the specifics of the event, I'd like to address the desertion of a few trusted Night's Watch members. FriendsOfYours, trumankitos13, CowsofSteam, and zypher106 have left The Night's Watch as they no longer believe in it's ideals. Though I have not personally witnessed it, I have heard several reports of them slaughtering entire cities since their desertion. Since it is a particularly heinous crime, both to leave the watch in such a way and to commit such acts, I am issuing a warrant for their deaths. Members that present proof of issuing justice to these hardened criminals will receive, at the least, a special emblem of recognition on their cape. (Maybe not immediately, as I will have to design it and program it into the system, but you will receive it).

At this current moment in time, the council is as follows:

  • Navarr - Lord Commander
    • ChaosDood - First Ranger
      • krabbby - Ranger Representative
      • lovelandmonkey - Ranger Representative
    • sssdl4 - Grand Maester

Due to council decisions that will take effect after the world event, we will not be holding another election for Maesters. I'll address that after the event - as we need a clear and focused mind so that we can save the realm and the Watch.

All Night's Watch members (with a premium account) should assemble at or (they are, in fact, the same server) at 15:00 (3:00pm) US Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-0400, GMT-0500). This is 19:00 (7:00pm) United Kingdom time. This is important as we will be organizing the members of the watch in preparation for the event. Please block off THREE HOURS from the time provided here. It is very important that we run our drill and prepare to the best of our abilities. While the main cause of our failure with the last event was AntiCheat's malfunction, greater organization has been requested and will be had. During this timeframe, the website's chatroom will be COMPLETELY UNAVAILABLE. The website will need to be running at it's best capacity for the cape mod, and I will not be taking a risk with the chat system. To that regard, even if you do not have a mic, I expect you to be able to connect to our mumble chatroom and to, at the very least, listen to the instructions given. Speaking uselessly over mumble will earn you a MUTE. The mumble chatroom will be reserved specifically for important instructions &c.

From what I understand, and this is subject to change, Rangers will be granted Iron Armor (and possibly an iron sword?), where as Maesters will be granted Gold Armor and all the materials necessary for healing - including harming potions for healing the Old Lords. A task that will be reserved for the Grand Maester, sssdl4, and anyone he specifically chooses to give his trust to.

I greatly encourage ALL players to use LMS in their spare time over the next week in order to practice and improve their PvP skills. You will need them for this event.

We will not allow bandits to dictate the rules of the land!

We are the sword in the darkness. WE are the watchers on the walls. We are THE FIRE that burns against the cold. The LIGHT that brings the dawn. THE SHIELD THAT GUARDS THE REALMS OF MEN. We've pledged our life, and our honor to the Night's Watch - for this night and ALL Night's to come! So get out there, and prepare yourselves -

for the realm! FOR THE WATCH!

Navarr T. Barnier Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

The Definitive Announcement to Tonight's Event

Tonight is the event where we take on a massive hoarde of zombies and help save the world! Only premium (basic package+) members will be able to attend this event. Please read EVERYTHING in this email so that you know what to do.

First off, if you have not tried to use our mod - please do well before the event. If you are not using your mod, and you are not someone I communicate with a lot, you will not be recorded as having attended, and will not get the honors everyone else will - provided my event attendance system works.

Secondly, I highly advise everyone to arrive on the mumble channel before or precisely at 7:30pm US Eastern Time (6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific, 12:30am GMT). At 7:40pm Eastern, Everyone should connect to (the beta server) so that they can be teleported to the event grounds. This server maintains a separate inventory from the main servers, so you will not lose any of your normal items. Water, Food, Health, Weapons, and Armor will be provided (Stone Swords, Chain Armor - if you have the spare time, you should try to get some better weaponry on the beta server).

Third, There will be a gigantic castle that we will have to defend. Beds will be provided in it for us to set our spawn points. Normal Night's Watch members are not allowed anywhere near the third floor (only council members and GuardenGnome). Any Night's Watch member seen trying to reach the third floor will be killed on sight for security. Additionally, do not let any non-Night's Watch member have access to the castle. I highly recommend you use our mod so that you know who is and who is not Night's Watch (and I pray the cape mod holds up under all this stress).

Tonight is our night to shine. Tonight is the night we show the realm our power. Tonight is the night we help save the realm against the Zombies!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Next Friday's Event

Kensai has made some changes to the information for Next Friday's Event. Please view them on the MineZ Website.

Before the event starts, please join Mumble and the website chat. It would be nice if you were in the chatroom at least half an hour before the event. As kensai has posted, the event will be for private-server members only.

Thank you for your time,


Results of Saturday's Meeting

While Saturday's Meeting got off on a bad foot - an ambush by a couple (now) deserters that we quickly worked around to continue the meeting; followed by the website slowing to a crawl due to everyone coming out (I'll be working on fixing this), we managed to successfully discuss the key issues.

The first order of business were the new council representatives for the Ranger and Maester groups. They are responsible for representing their respective groups for any and all official Night's Watch matters. To clarify, this does NOT give them rank over normal members - except when appointed so in temporary situations by the Lord Commander, Head Ranger, or Grand Maester. Your new representatives are:

For the Rangers: For the Maesters:
  • trumankitos13, and
  • sssdl4

You have elected these men to serve you, and I hope they server you well.

Our second order of business was the vote on whether or not we will be participating in Kensai's event and protecting the realm.

The vote was met with a unanimous and resounding "Yes," which I'm sure you gathered by the previous announcement you received on the subject.

After that, and due to the large list of things that happened, the council met afterwards privately to deliberate on the security detail for the upcoming event. We will be protecting the Six Lords of Old in a three floor miniature castle. Only members of the Watch are allowed on the Second Floor, and only the seven council members are allowed on the Third floor. Any Night's Watch member that is not on the council and that attempts to reach the third floors will be killed on sight and marked for desertion, any civilian you can not verify as Night's Watch (i.e. nobody else knows them and they continue to proceed towards the third floors) should be killed on sight. While we are normally against doing such a thing, the protection of the realm is our utmost priority.

Additionally, you do not need to prepare weapons, armor, food, or other resources - as the event will be on the beta server and equipment will be supplied. You may, however, be able to prepare on the beta server - in which case go ahead and giant hunt. We'll need the best equipment we can get our hands on.

We are the shield that guards the realms of men.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Mod Updated

Members of the Watch,

Today, we have updated the Night's Watch mods in order to assure a working cape mod system. These new mods were finished just now, so if you updated at any time prior to now - please do so again (If you updated to our MagicLauncher magic stuff, please delete your old copy of it when downloading the new). Surprisingly, these includes a Minecraft update to 1.3.2

Our new system removes FancyGUI in favor of FriendsOverlay and the MineZ Tactical HUD.

Please hurry over and download it.

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Call to Arms

Fellow Zombie Survivors,

I am the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch and one of the two Head Council Member of The Night's Watch. I come to you today to ask for your help; for the sake of MineZ. There was a misunderstanding of the events at the city of Romero on the 18 of August. We apologize for this. Our intention was to only protect the city against the Zombie hoard, and to keep civilians out with the intention of lowering casualties, but as you saw, that is not what happened.

This time, however, we call for your help. We need you to fight alongside us, in order to protect this great land that we all share. Our friend, the Robot Wizard (kensai111), has alerted us to his recent findings. He has located 6 undead (zombies) that have inside them the trapped souls of the Elemental Lords of old. He fears that if these abominations are killed before he has the chance to cleanse them, hell will break loose on the world of MineZ. However, should we be able to cleanse their spirits first, we may yet be able to save this world.

The only problem is that the Robot Wizard believes that the moment he starts the ritual to cleanse their spirits, it will attract hordes of undead to the Elemental Lords presence while the Evil inside of them call out to be released before they can be destroyed. So we ask you, fellow survivors, to help us. Help us protect these Elemental Lords from the Evil that wishes to destroy our dear world. The Robot Wizard believe it should take him 3 full days to finish the ritual (3 in-game days, 1 hour real time). If we should succeed, we stop potentially devastating spread of Evil in our world (will make real world changes to the map). If we should fail, the Evil will spread further across the world and threaten to kill us all (dungeons will be more vicious).

If you wish to help us in this endeavor, or even if you wish you hinder us and cause all hell to break loose upon this world, join us on the Beta Server (, private access only) on Friday, October 12 at 8PM EDT. Those that help us against this horde of Undead will be forever remembered in the world of MineZ.

Angellus Mortis
First Ranger of The Night’s Watch

Signed and Approved,

Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch

Meeting This Saturday

This is a reminder that this Saturday, at 5:00pm Eastern Time, The Night's Watch will hold an official meeting at our HQ in Romero (on us6-public).

It is recommended that everyone come for this event. We will be announcing the four new council members, and we will then transition into talking about the upcoming event co-ordination with Kensai.

I look forward to seeing you all again,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Join The Watch for the Live Announcement of the Election Results

This Saturday, October 6th at 5:00pm Eastern US Time, I will announce the winners of the recent council elections at Night's Watch HQ in Romero - on us6-public.

It would be an absolute honor if as many members of the Watch as possible would show up. These four new members of the council will take on the important role of settling issues, rule changes, and trials within The Night's Watch.

It is therefore highly recommended that you come out and see who they are!

I also recommend you to Vote if you have not already done so! In the event you don't know how to select multiple people, simply hold down the control/command key when clicking on the second name. You can change your vote at any time before the election results are announced - so make sure to vote!

I hope to see you all there!

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Trial Hearing: trumankitos13 and sssdl4

As many of you know, it is considered a great crime to act against your oath as a member of The Night's Watch.

I have recently been contacted with damning video evidence against two trusted members within our ranks: trumankitos13 and sssdl4. This video shows them ambushing the streamer "Vexx31."

As I'm sure you are all aware, I take an extreme stance against banditry within our ranks. As such, I have opened a trial hearing against these two members.

If anyone can provide additional evidence for or against their case, please do so by replying to the Trial Hearing thread against them in TheNightsWatchCouncil subreddit.

Additionally, the members stated above (trumankitos13 and sssdl4) are temporarily barred from acting as a member of The Night's Watch until the resolution of their trial.

I thank you kindly for your time and assistance in this matter,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Recent Charges Dropped

The recent charges against trumankitos13 and sssdl4 have been dropped at the revelation that Vexx31 was a deserted member of The Night's Watch.

The council concluded in an Emergency two third decision to drop all charges against trumankitos13 and sssdl4. While the council does not approve of their tactics, they are being let off on a technicality.

Please let this case be a reminder to you that banditry is NOT permitted within the Watch. If you have any proof of members acting like bandits, email me, message me on reddit, or send me a message on

Self policing is necessary in order to ensure that the Night's Watch meets and maintains it's goals. Now would be a good time to re-read our Rules of Engagement in order to verify when it's appropriate to take another player's life.

Thank you for your time and patience in this matter,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

Council Elections Forthcoming! Nominate the worthy!

Council Elections will be happening in a little less than a week using the website, so if you feel someone has done a fantastic job as a Ranger or a Maester, and deserve to serve as a representitive to all Maesters/Rangers on the council, as well as assist the Grand Maester/First Ranger, please nominate them on reddit (using this link).

It is very important that you view the above link at the least, in order to tell if you've been nominated or not - though I plan on contacting anyone that does not accept their nomination - everything will go a lot smoother if you keep up to date on the thread.

Thank you for your time,

Lord Commander of The Night's Watch

The Walk - Meetup

Members of the watch,

It is to my pleasure that I announce our next large event.

Saturday, September 22nd, at 2:00pm EDT (click for time conversion) we will log into Romero on US Public 6. Immediately at 2:00pm (by the Lord Commander's Watch), we will march across the bridge connecting the continents. To partake in this event, you are expected to be in Romero at the provided time with the supplies you will need to survive (water, food, etc.) as we can not yet guarantee provisions.

This walk is intended to be a very short event with enough time to meet & greet all the new (and old) members of the Watch. As school has started again for many of us, there has not been a lot of time to play together - and coming to this event and meeting some new members is a good way to create some friendships for ranging together.

I also plan to take council nominations during this event at the half way point between the continents. We are currently seeking an active Maester to fill Jerred26's position, and will find out if we are seeking an active Ranger to fill Woobie's position. Not coming to the event may be detrimental to your election platform ;p

That said, I hope to see you all there and I hope we have a fun trip from Romero to Carmi. Elections will be held a week after the nominations (and will last for a week) - after which time we should finally be able to plan some bigger and better events!

So prepare yourselves! For we are the light that brings the dawn.

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Cape Mod Fixed

Good news, everyone!

We've finally fixed the cape mod - in theory anyway. The updated version is available on our mods page, right where the old version was.

We're still running 1.3.1 due to FancyGUI not updating, so if you'd like you can install the mod manually using this zip file. I believe it only requires mod loader and minecapes.

Now go kill some zombies!

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Account Verification Now Required

Dear members of the watch,

Due to a recent string of impersonations, we have implemented a Minecraft Account verification process on the website. It is of the utmost importance that you take the time to verify your account.

In the next few days we will be hiding users from the Member list with unverified accounts, as well disabling those user's capes. To continue being considered an active member of the Night's Watch, please verify your account immediately. This is as simple as logging in on the website, and then visiting a restricted page, such as the chatroom.

Once your account has been verified, a small "Verified Member" banner will appear on your profile. An example can be viewed on my own profile page.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Lord Commander of the Night's Watch